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what is artificial intelligence? - Education bd

what is artificial intelligence?

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what is artificial intelligence?
what is artificial intelligence?

Write the benefits of artificial intelligence?

Answer: The advantages of artificial intelligence are mentioned below:

  1. Various diseases are being diagnosed and treated with the help of artificial intelligence
  2. Artificial intelligence has been applied in the field of electronic commerce.
  3. Vehicles are operated on the roads through artificial intelligence.
  4. Complex tasks can be easily solved through artificial intelligence.


Describe artificial intelligence: what is artificial intelligence?

Answer: Intelligence is the ability of an animal to think but not matter. But scientists have long been able to provide the ability to think within instruments. This is basically artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. In other words, artificial thinking is the process of transforming human thoughts into computers. In other words, due to artificial intelligence, the thoughts of the computer are the same as the thoughts of the human being.

Artificial intelligence is currently a branch of computer science. Research is being done on how computers can think like humans, how to solve problems, how to think like humans, how to plan wisely, and so on. With all the rules and regulations of the game of chess, the computer has been made the best chess in the world.


Describe the practicalities of artificial intelligence:

Answer; In today’s world, there is no such thing as computer technology. Where there is no practical application of artificial intelligence. It is widely used in medicine for diagnosing diseases, in stock market share transactions, in controlling robotic activities, in solving possible legal problems, in toys, in aviation, in combat operations, and so on.


Its Brapak use can also be noticed in the following fields:

  1. Financing: In banking operations, stock transactions, etc.
  2. Hospital: Distribution of daily work schedule of staff etc.
  3. Online services: Avatar on the online helper account web page.
  4. Vehicle: Change the gear of the car keeping pace with the speed etc.


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