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What is a robot? - Education bd what are the robots in stop and shop

What is a robot?

  • প্রকাশ : শুক্রবার, ২৭ নভেম্বর, ২০২০
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What is a robot?
What is a robot?

The word robot means robot. In fact, a robot is a computer-controlled device that can do many difficult and difficult tasks for humans. ” According to the New Collegiate Dictionary, a robot is an automated system that has the intelligence that a human can work the way a robot works or looks at its work. The robot has no intelligence of its own.


What is robotics?

The branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, and operation of robots is called robotics. The branch also discusses robot control, computer system robotic sensory feedback, computer science, nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and information processing.

Write down the use of robotics.

Answer: The use of robotics is as follows:

  1. In the case of tedious and monotonous work.
  2. In case of dangerous work.
  3. In the case of work in inaccessible places and.
  4. In the field of entertainment, research, and education.

What are the benefits of robotics in risky jobs?

Answer: Robot is a very fast, tireless, and perfect working device. With the help of computer-controlled robots in the factory, various dangerous and laborious tasks such as welding, welding, loading and unloading of heavy goods, assembly of parts, painting of cars, etc. are done. Is. Robots can thoroughly and incredibly test the components of tiny microcircuits, which is difficult and impossible for humans.


What is robot science? Discuss the contribution of robot science to human welfare.

Answer: Robotics: Robotics or robot science is the process of producing and managing a computer-controlled electro-mechanical system for the purpose of performing human functions artificially.

Contribution of Robot Science to Human Welfare:

The purpose of creating robots is to free people from the annoying situation of hard work, dangerous work, and repeating the same work over and over again. The product that a worker produces with his own hands in a factory is automatically produced with the help of machines, the construction of toy robots, Belongs to, etc.

Robots can be used to clean houses, offices, courts, mills, and factories. Can be done very quickly and accurately. Robot scientists are conducting research on human safety, determining the scope of robots, etc. . They are trying to add artificial intelligence to the robot. So that the robot is able to communicate with humans and the difference between robots and humans is reduced. Among the features that have been added to the robot so far are the ability to sense the environment, the ability to move, the ability to voluntarily act, the ability to work with an object, and so on.

Explain the importance of robotics?

Robotics is used for various purposes. The importance of this is explained below —

  1. Rebates can be used for loading and unloading items in various industrial plants.
  2. The use of robots for assembling, packing, and transporting goods in factories is effective.
  3. Robots can be used as an alternative to a driver on a battlefield. All these robots are remote controlled so it is possible to control at any moment.
  4. In cases where sophisticated work is required, such as making electronics, robots are used. In this case, handmade things may not be right. For example, robots are used to make computer circuit boards and other circuit boards.
  5. Robots are being used successfully in medical surgery.

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